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What We Do

Our customers benefit from Peterson Products' experience in
diversified product applications. These applications include:

  • Railroad Signal Equipment
  • Truck Cabs and Bodies
  • Aircraft Engine Inlet Covers
  • Mold Polyurethane Ventilation Covers
  • Miscellaneous Ship Repair
  • Life Raft Containers
  • Protective Shaft Wrap for Ships
  • Computer Housing and Keyboards
  • Instrument Cases
  • Hi-Tech Speaker Housings
  • Reinforced Camera Housings
  • Protective Radomes
  • MRI, X-Ray, CAT Scan, Oncological Machines
  • Enclosures and Patient Beds
  • Building Facades
  • Planters
  • Airport Departure/Arrival Gate Signs
  • Mass Transit Departure/Arrival Gate Signs
  • Molds for Various Concrete Structures
  • Hazardous Waste Containment Pallets
  • Plating Tanks
  • Agricultural Sprayer Tanks
  • Various Motion Picture Sets
  • Aquarium Tanks
Public Utility
  • Bucket Production and Repair
  • Boom and Jib Production and Repair

Various examples

San Francisco Conservatory of Flowers

Medical equipment housing